What fun board games?

First send a "matrix lancing" in my favorite board game. This game will also be introduced in detail!

The following classification is not a classification method of a common board game, but the individual's favorite introduction is classified for reference.

  1. American cooperation (time watch, global horror, unlock!)
  2. American Battle (Battle For Rokugan, Star Wars: Anti-rebel
  3. German calculation (cave farmer, 504)
  4. German battle (small world, sickle war)
  5. Party game (resistance organization, blood, hunting, wolf guess)
  6. Getting started (seven miracles, square city, domino kingdom, spice road / crystal stone statue, plague crisis dice version)
  7. Wool game (waste art, totem language)
  8. Growth card game (matrix lancing, magic town shocked)
  9. Take the game (plague crisis: undocute, contract stone, magical juice)

American cooperation (time watch)

When you just contact this game, you are attracted by a pure white box. In 2015, as the rise of one-time table game, time watching made me refresh. In this game, the player will play the agent's agent, will cross the past points, correct the time error, complete the task. Every time you play, you will pass all different times, encounter a variety of implicit things, such as in 1992, fighting with zombies in the US town and saving little girl, or entering the sword and magic fantasy world sneaked The castle against evil kings, or to the ancient Egypt looking for the stolen psycho mask.

This game is a little bit. In every story, you may encounter new mechanisms that have never been thought. The game contains four color indicates, but in each story, the indicator can represent a variety of things, such as the yellow indicator represents gold coins in the previous story, representing bullets in this task. Time Watching Another point makes me very much, it is that every story needs you to get through several times to complete the task. Since each passing time is limited, you can only explore some of the game content. Sometimes you may spend something to find, and find out that it is a trap. So next time, you know how to avoid these useless parts, finally, how to make the most important thing for time, completing the most needed things, this is also very interesting.

Eldritch Horror

The global horror is actually the old game in 2013, and the domestic battle flag will represent the foundation and a small expansion. But after I contacted this game in France, I still like it, I have a total of 4 small expansion and dreams, here.

The global thriller is the upgraded version of its predecessor town, the upgraded version of the map, and expanded the incidents happening in Akam town to the world. The game map is a world map, and the art is very good, every time I see it, I will appreciate it for a long time. As the largest game in the background, players will control the investigators of each stuce to shuttle all over the world, buy equipment, survey clues, to complete the mysterious mission, prevent the rise of a distant ancient evil spirits. The game I like this game is the encounter that the investigators happen around the world. Every encounter is a little story, let your ability to identify or affect the results.

In addition, my favorite, or the beauty of this game, I personally think it is the best game in the Ksu background. For example, the frontal skill attribute in the character card is bright, the shape is like a postmark, and the background introduction of the back is designed as a passport. And the game layout mentioned before, every time you play.

If you like global adventures, like to collect equipment, and do not hate the dice, the global thriller may wish to try.


Can I play a reservoir escape? That's right! Unlock in 2017! I did this. If 2015 is the rise of a timepiece, then in 2017, in these one-time table games, the crucial room escaping table game appeared in front of people. However, in these different companies, the rooms have escaping the board game, my favorite, or watch the same company's unlock !.

So far, UNLOCK! There is a 3 box, and there is 10 teaching customs per box, and 60 formal closing cards of 3 different stories. This game must be driven by app, basic game basics Give you 1 hour. In each stack, all the cards have a number or a letter. In its actually, there will be a few cards you can see, you need to find them and turn it. Just like the room escape, you need to use an existing thing and want to do a task. The type of card is basically divided into four, the first is the red card and blue card you can add. For example, this key is a blue brand, and the lock-locked cabinet is a red card, then we can try to add the numbers of these two cards, see if there is this new number in the card, if not there may be your idea No, these two things can't be combined; if you have, you can open it, but don't be happy too early, maybe a combination successfully unlocked new things, but it is also possible to tell you to add it, directly for 3 minutes. The second is a green machine card, which needs to operate directly on the app; the type of machine is a variety of machines, which may be a combination switch, or a musical instrument. The third is the 4-bit password card of the yellow, you need to find a 4-digit password according to your clues, then enter it on the app. If it is right, you will unlock the new content, and you will be penalized. The last type is a gray card, which can't do anything, can only give you a clue. Have these types of cards, you still need to hide the numbers on the card, then take and turn off the corresponding card. Some hidden numbers are printed directly on the screen, but some need you to reason you.

In fact, unlock! Is not just a secret room, just like time watch, you will enter different worlds to complete different tasks. Out of the escape from a room, you may also enter a book destroyed death, or use only the remaining oxygen in the deep sea to return to the sea, or investigate the murder on the train in the west of the United States. Unlike the event, UNLOCK! The story is not so strong, but more pay more attention is that all kinds of guessing and riddle, the game time is shorter than time.

If you like the room to escape the various puzzle elements in the game, like a fun background, the unlock! Is a masterpiece you can't miss.

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