Sky Game used to be an import and export company (Shanghai Tianyu import & export established in year 2008. We are based in Shanghai, China. We operating with luxury brand US POLO and “Alexandre. j” for over 10 years, focuses on luxury products packing, such as perfume boxes, fne jewelry boxes, watch boxes and other packing products. In this case, we have experience in high-end packing industry.

We also have offce in Hongkong and Shenzhen, specialised in paper packaging and related production business sector. In certain degree, we are a smokeless factory, we provide clients reasonable production plan, we arrange manufacture of the products, cargo inspections and transportation and delivery for our clients, in a words, we coordinate the whole supply chain of packing productions. Meanwhile, we have overseas agent in Canada, Germany and Australia, Indonesia, these developing networks provide our clients easy communication and better service.

We see the bright future of the boardgame market, starting from 2018 onwards, we started to work with some of the publishers from overseas for the production of their board game products in China such as AEG, Koreaboard Game, Giochix, Compass Games, DPH Games, Milan Games,Vesuvius Media etc, manufactured the complex games like “Monstrocity, De.Vulgari Gloquentia, CACHE ME IF YOU CAN!” etc.

Wonder Backers is a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of card games, a subsidiary of SKY Game. Our mission is to create and distribute the most rewarding card games, offering unrivaled gaming experience and entertainment value. We are headquartered in Shanghai, the tech hub of Asia, a global business and cultural hub that provides us with endless inspiration and opportunities.

Wonder Backers has successfully released several popular card games, including critically acclaimed titles such as Panda National Park. Our excellent game quality and brand reputation have won the attention and love of game lovers around the world.

In order to continue to maintain an excellent level of innovation and creation, Wonder Backers is recruiting designers from all over the world to jointly create and publish card games with us. We believe that through a diversified professional team and excellent creative ability, we can create more surprises and fun for players. We look forward to bringing gamers an unprecedented gaming experience with the best team and products.

If you too have a love and passion for card games, then Wonder Backers is for you. Let us work together to create a better future and contribute our own strength to the development of card games!

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