Once Sky Game received a quote request from you,our project manager will communicate with you to find out more about your game before making the quotation scheme.We assist you to select the appropriate components and materials that are suitable and technically make most sense for your game production.After the discussion,we can well define your overall requirements for your game and then a detailed quotation scheme with full specifications and requirements of your game will be officially provided to you.

Graphic design

Our Sky Game dedicated team will go through the Design Verification process to ensure that your files are ready for production.We review your printed files with all specifications to ensure that they meet all the guidelines and printing requirements as clearly designed.For other customized plastics,wooden,dice,acrylic and metal components,our experienced engineers will make thorough analysis of the designs to ensure they are ready for production while professional advices and solutions will be provided if change is needed to have a better result and quality.After all the verifications and necessary changes are defined and approved,we provide a full set of online digital files to our partner to review and confirm before proceeding to sampling stage.


Once the files and designs are confirmed and approved,we will start to work on printing,trimming,molding,painting and sourcing the components that your game needs.Then,we will proceed to make a pre-production copy(sample)something like semi-final quality prototype version of the printed components for the box,rules book,cards,punchboards,game boards including other samples of plastic,wood,metal and dice as well as other customized components and send it for your review and confirmation via air courier at no cost to you.

Start of production

Once the pre-production copy and other components are confirmed and approved,we will start the first full and complete mass production version of the game after received the down payment.After the production of the complete version,we will send you some random samples for your inspection and quality check via air courier at no cost to you!Upon receipt of the sample of the complete mass production version,We will contact with you again to review and make sure you are fully satisfied with the sample before full mass production is further arranged.

Production inspection

During the production,Sky Game will have our quality control team to carry out the on-line inspection and our board game partners are always welcomed to come and visit the factory for thorough checking during the production to ensure the quality is maintained.


After the completion of the mass production copy,we will do the assembly by placing all the components of your game.Sky Game is committed to be defect-free quality target and our quality control team will inspect the parts and components to ensure they are correctly included and placed as it’s assembled into the game box.Considering occasional replacement parts request from your backers and gamers,we also arrange to ship you extra spare components at no extra charge in case of damages during shipment.

Logistic and shipping(Fulfillment service!)

Once the assembly is complete,We provide the total solution logistic services for our partners to deliver the game products from china to your designated country locations by means of air,land,sea transport depending on your budget and timing required.
We also have a lot of experiences working with many publishers,designers and extensive experiences with Kickstarter.Hence,we provide the B2C service and help our partners to ship and arrange delivery the board game products directly all the way from the factory up to oversea backers and gamer’s door-step right after the production with hassle-free which can save a lot of time and overall cost for our partners!

Quotation of Per Kilogram Freight

3rd party inspection and certification

Sky Game always supports our partner to appoint the 3rd party inspection organizations such as SGS,BV and or INTERLEK,to conduct the inspection.We fully comply with the international standard required by various countries such as ICTI,FSC,CE AND ASTM and Sky Game makes sure factory will match the requirement and follow the compliances.

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