Trench Club
Trench Club
Trench Club

During the First World War, France and Britain wrestle with Germany and Austria-Hungary for the dominance of a decisive front section. Take on the role of a general and send your troops into battle. Barrage enemy units with artillery fire and attack them with your tanks and infantry or surround and annihilate them.

Trench Club is a complex strategy game in which, in addition to attack strength and WPC of the troops, their tactical setup, combat experience, damage and terrain have a decisive influence on the outcome of the battle. Since each unit brings its own strengths, you must cleverly assemble your army to win the victory over your opponents.

Key Features:
Exciting strategy game set in World War I
Complex combat system
Nevertheless easy to learn rules
Detailed miniatures
For 1-4 players (age 14+)
2-4h duration (~1h per player)
—description from the designer

Trench Club Game Info
Designer: Philipp K. Berger
Artists: Philipp K. Berger
Publishers: PKB Games
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 14+
Time: 120-240 minutes


  1. 1x Game Box
  2. 1x Plastic insert
  3. 1x Game Board (~80x60cm/ 31×24″), double-sided with 2 different maps
  4. 2x Rule Books (English and German)
  5. ~300x Markers for damage and experience (grey, white, yellow, red)
  6. ~50x Money bills (values: ten, five and one)
  7. 4x Faction mats (~30x20cm/ 12×8″ ; France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria/Hungary)
  8. 1x Damage/experience mat (~10x20cm/ 4×8″)
  9. 27x 12-sided dice (12x grey, 12x green, 3x red)
  10. 48x Unit miniatures (12 each for France, Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary)
  11. 20x Double-sided cardboard chips with flags
  12. 12x Cardboard tokens for start positions
  13. 44x Double-sided cardboard tokens as proxies for extra units (if you run out of miniatures)
  14. 8x Token attachments as carriers for damage/experience markers
  15. Some Plastic bags
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Shanghai Tianyu (SKY GAME), Author

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