• Night Parade
  • Night Parade
  • Night Parade

King Enma is nowhere to be found. With his dreadful castle in Mount Fire vacant, asymmetric clans of demi-gods long forgotten will raise armies and battle to conquer the hearts in the islands of Japan.

Pick from 4 asymmetric factions and draft to summon new yokai making the most efficient night parade. Every round, activate one of your parades to send meeples to haunt the islands, move around and fight each other. As soon as an island have a certain number of yokai, the denizens will build a shrine to pacify them, sending your meeples back to your player area. Once one player get 5 of their shrines in play, the remaining players get a last turn, then the game ends and victory points are scored based on hidden cards to decide the winner.

—description from the designer

Night Parade Game Info
Designer: Luís Brüeh
Artists: Luís Brüeh
Publishers: Self-Published
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 14+
Time: 30-45 minutes


  1. 40x Meeples
  2. 15x Scrolls
  3. 20x Toriis
  4. 25x Spirit tokens
  5. 77x Yokai cards
  6. 12x Starting Yokai cards
  7. 13x Island tiles
Shanghai Tianyu (SKY GAME)

Shanghai Tianyu (SKY GAME), Author

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