Gencon Table Games Exhibition

Ms. Hello, Sky Game Ltd, participated in the 2019 Gencon. As a grand event in the board game industry, Gencon live is lively.

One of Gencon scene is one of the hot games: "Cloudspire" (temporary: Yunding City) The whole story happened in the kingdom of hanging in Genting - Ankar, also known as Yunding City. This grand war purpose is to obtain a strong and rare resource. Each race has sent its own special forces and heroes, and you will compete for me in the mercenary market.

Danchun Nan Dum Palace also participated in this Gencon, and exhibited two card games: "Dragon Ball Super" and "Naruto", according to the on-site feedback game evaluation is good ~

Ms. Hello met this Gencon exhibition, met a number of table tour industries. As an OEM TableTop Game and Oem Board Game Manufacturer, we must achieve more cooperation in the future.

Shanghai Tianyu (SKY GAME)

Shanghai Tianyu (SKY GAME), Author

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