In the '50s, a small town in the US was famous for its fruit trees. Local small businesses were competing against each other, producing ever better jams, which in turn made the town grow more and more famous. Every year after the Christmas party the most succesful entrepreneur was given a prize: will you manage to win the prize this year?

In Frutticola players will take on the role of business leaders specialized in growing and selling fruits and jams, trying to become the most rich in town by the end of the year! With just a few Workers and Farmers, you'll have to choose when to send them to the orchards and when to buy pesticides, fertilizers and other items in the shops. Who will prove to be the best entrepreneur?

—description from the publisher

Frutticola Game Info
Designer: Giovanni Fiore, Virginio Gigli
Artists: N/A
Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 10+
Time: 45-60 minutes


  1. 1x double-sided game board
  2. 4x starting warehouses
  3. 28x pawns (3 farmers and 3 workers in each player color, plus 4 apprentices)
  4. 12x goal markers (3 in each player color)
  5. 74x fruits (11 per type and 8 additional oranges)
  6. 42x jams (7 per type)
  7. 32x development tiles (1 and 2)
  8. 15x organic Pesticides
  9. 15x Fertilizers
  10. 12x goal tiles
  11. 28x action cards
  12. 1x billboard
  13. 1x season marker and 4 board markers
  14. 80x bills
  15. 6x double-sided cardboard trees
  16. 1x double-sided cardboard bush
  17. 1x rulebook
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